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Market Analysis of Your Home

Doing a market analysis is an involved process. Many factors affect the market value of a home. You should be extra cautious about getting a market analysis from someone who has never seen your home and who hasn't familiarized themselves with your neighborhood. The drawbacks to getting the wrong idea about your home's value are considerable and difficult to overcome without it costing you money. That is why you should schedule a time for Walker Real Estate to walk through your home and prepare a professional market analysis at no cost to you.

Walker Real Estate will carefully consider sold comps, current market conditions, and the unique features of your home and neighborhood in crafting a personalized price analysis.

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Listing with Walker Real Estate

A listing with Walker Real Estate gets you top-notch professional representation from a broker who will respond to your needs. This means full-service marketing from a full-time broker. If you have any special requests, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are in direct contact with the owner.

The following is a list of what I routinely offer with a listing agreement:

1. MLS entry

2. Yard Sign ? the most attractive and eye-catching

3. Broad Internet Exposure,, Postlets posting which syndicates your listing to around a dozen popular real estate and other posting websites.

4. Listing Domain Name, i.e.

5. Lockbox

6. Showing Setup

7. Feedback on Showings

8. Open Houses, Broker Opens

9. Newspaper, Homes Magazine Ad

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The Selling Process

Although selling your home is not rocket science, it is by no means an easy process, and anyone who says otherwise is either mistaken or they're selling something. It takes hard work, careful research, and on-going attention to detail. Something this important, the biggest financial decision in most people's life, should not be left up to chance.

Here is a sampling of the steps in the process that Walker Real Estate will help guide you through in order to have a successful transaction:

1. Price Analysis

2. Staging your home

3. Estimate of the Costs of Selling

4. Research into Current Market Conditions

5. Preparation for Showings

6. Holding Open Houses

7. Feedback on Showings

8. Responding to New Information or New Market Conditions

9. Search and Hold on Title or Preliminary Lien Search

10. Discussing Offers and Negotiation Strategies

11. Working Through Contingencies and Monitoring Contract Deadlines

12. Scheduling Closing

13. Ordering Title Work

14. Monitoring completion of any Necessary Repairs

15. Closing

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Estimated Costs of Selling

1. Prepping the home for sale - quite variable, although I generally advise against spending large sums to fix up a house just prior to selling, since you rarely get the full amount of that investment back in sales price. It is a good idea to limit this expense to $1000 or so if at all possible.

2. Listing commission - I charge 6% for most full-service listings, and this amount is most often shared equally with a cooperating broker who brings the buyer. This amount is generally taken from the proceeds of the sale, and if the property never sells, I don't get paid.

3. Repairs to defects arising during home inspection - this can be quite variable. If you are in doubt about the condition of your home it may be adviseable to have your home pre-inspected to reduce the risk of surprise expenses after you have already negotiated a price.

4. Mortgage balances - all liens against the home must be paid in full at closing.

5. Tax proration - usually take the latest mill rate times latest assessment for the number of days in the year up to the day prior to closing. This is the amount you credit to the buyer and then the buyer pays the tax bill at the end of the year.

6. Title Insurance - approximately $475 for the first $100,000 of value and $1 for every $1000 over that.  In addition there will be a $75 charge for GAP insurance.  There may also be a special assessment search charge of around $50.

7. Release of mortgage - it should be less than $30 in most cases.

8. Home Warranty - if you agreed in the offer to provide a home warranty it will normally come out of your proceeds at closing in the amount of around $400 and perhaps as high as $500 for extra coverage items.

9. Final water reading - the prorated share of the current semi-annual water/sewer bill in many larger municipalities.

10. Attorney's fees - if you hired an attorney to represent you. This could be $300 - $700 in most transactions.

11. Express Mail Fees - $50

12. State Transfer Fee - $3 fee for every $1000 of home value

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